Web Accounts

Faculty, staff and students may post content on the University's web server, www.sonoma.edu. Accounts are available at the IT Help Desk. The following types of web sites are allowed on the campus web server.

Individual web directory

This is a directory where you can post pages, images and other content related to your role at the University. For example, faculty could post their CV, instructional materials, or content related to academic research. Staff might post contact information, or use the directory to post pages under development. The individual directory is not for strictly personal use (not related to the mission of the University).

All current faculty and staff are eligible for an individual web directory.

Effective September 1, 2015, individual web directories and club sites on www.students.sonoma.edu are no longer being created. Instead, students may build and post web content using Google Sites. Login to Online Services, click Google Apps, then select Sites from the Google Apps menu.

Department sites

Every division, school, department and official program may have a top-level directory on the campus web server. These are official University sites, and should contain only content relevant to the mission of the department.

Access to department sites must be approved by the appropriate manager, dean, department chair or web project lead. Contact webmaster@sonoma.edu if you're not sure who the appropriate person in your department is.

Get Your Account at the Help Desk

To get a web account and/or access to a department site, fill out the Web Account Request Form and submit it in person to the IT Help Desk.