Tech in the Residence Halls

This section will provide you with information on the technology included free in all residence halls.

WiFi in the Residence Halls

The following three networks are available in the residence halls:

SSU-SECURE: A secure, encrypted wireless network. It is the recommended network for all student computers, phones, and tablets.

ResHall-WLAN: An unencrypted guest network. If you need wifi credentials for your non-ssu guest, please contact the IT Help Desk.

SSU-BLUE: A secure network for devices that are unable to connect to the other wireless networks. Examples include gaming consoles, streaming devices, and e-readers. Please note that wireless casting will not work in the residence halls. This includes Chromecast, Apple Airplay, and the casting function of Firestick.

Visit our WiFi at SSU page for additional information on all the available wireless networks including instructions on how to connect and troubleshooting tips.

Television Service

Extended basic cable television is provided in every dorm. When you connect your TV to the coaxial cable connection in the wall, you may need to perform a channel search to access the full channel selection. The channel search function can be found in your TV's menu. It may have different labels such as "Channel Search", "Channel Scan", or "Auto Search". Consult your TV's manual for assistance. If you have questions or concerns about your cable TV service, please contact SSU's Housing office, or call the Comcast IPTV Account Help directly at 1-877-978-3229.

In addition to regular cable television through a traditional television set, residents will also now receive XFINITY On Campus which allows residents to stream live TV and XFINITY On Demand wireless through laptops, tablets, and smartphones while on campus. Information for XFINITY On Campus IP-TV streaming service.


Printers must be plugged directly into the computer via USB cable. It is not possible to connect a wireless printer to the wireless networks on campus.

Network Jacks

There is no wired internet in the dorms. Network jacks were deactivated during the transition to a fully wireless campus. The only active jacks are those connected to your wireless access points. Unplugging an access point to plug in your own device is strictly prohibited. Network access will be removed if a non-approved device is detected.