Digital Class Rosters

Login to Online Services to access the Digital Roster Tool. Faculty will find the link to it in Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule > Class Roster Icon.

Faculty may generate digital class rosters for any courses they teach simply by clicking one of the roster links on this page. The roster, available in three different formats, will be displayed in the browser and can be saved to your desktop computer or copy/pasted into another file.

The roster data can be used for many purposes - class mailing lists, password protecting web folders, and keeping class records or grade books.

Data Formats for the Rosters

Digital Rosters come in three formats:

UID List
Contains the Seawolf (LDAP) userids of all the students in the course. This format that can be used to password protect a folder on the main campus web server,
Email List
Contains the SSU email addresses of all the students in the course. This can be copied and pasted into other applications. Choose this to share something on Google Drive with your students.
Full Name & Email List
Contains each student's last name, first name and SSU email address.