Accessible Syllabus Template

The Accessible Syllabus Template is available to help faculty meet two important requirements.

  • It is the policy of SSU and the CSU to ensure that instruction materials, including course materials, are accessible to individuals with disabilities in order to provide them with effective communication.
  • It is the policy of SSU to provide course outline information to students in a timely manner.

The Accessible Syllabus Template is a Word document that has been formatted to meet technical accessibility requirements. It includes space and prompts for all the required elements of an SSU course outline, as well as standard statements for Univeristy policies and services. Faculty may edit the Accessible Syllabus Template to add details for their courses.


  1. Download the Accessible Syllabus Template to your computer, and open it in Microsoft Word.
  2. Pull down the File menu and select Properties.
    1. In the Author field, enter your name as you wish it to appear.
    2. In the Title field, enter a title for your syllabus. Be sure to include your course title and "Syllabus" or "Course Outline."
    3. Click OK.
  3. Pull down the File menu and select Save As. Give your syllabus a new file name. Include your course number and the word "syllabus" or "outline."
  4. Add your course information. There are two basic methods you can use.
    • Direct Input method
      1. Highlight the text that you want to change and type directly over it. Your text will replace the text in the template, but the accessible formatting will remain.
    • Copy and Paste method
      1. Open both your previous syllabus and this template in Word.
      2. In your previous syllabus, copy the text that you want to transfer. This works best if you copy one paragraph, heading or list at a time.  Copying and pasting more than this may result in loss of accessible formatting.
      3. In the template, highlight the corresponding text that you want to replace.
      4. Paste your copied text over the highlighted text in the new template. A Paste function icon will appear next to the copied text.
      5. Click on the downward arrow in this icon and choose the “Match Destination Formatting” option in the pop down list.
        Note: Some versions of MS Word do not display the Paste with Match Destination Formatting icon. If this is the case for you, Undo, then pull down the Edit menu and select Paste and Match Formatting command.
  5. Delete any sections of the syllabus that you do not need.
  6. Delete the Instructions page at the beginning of the syllabus.
  7. Save. Your accessible syllabus is now ready to distribute to students.

Need Help With Your Accessible Syllabus?

Contact the Faculty Center in-person, by phone, or email: Schulz 1112, 707-664-2659,

Request an appointment online with the Get Moodle Help form located on the Teaching with Moodle page.

More Accessiblity Tips for Faculty

The ATI Steering Committee has developed an accessibility checklist for faculty.