Self-Service Test Scanning

For your convienience and quick turnaround, a self-service scanner is located in the Faculty Center, Library Schulz 1112.

The self-service scanner scans both the 100 answer half-sheet (Form 882-E) and the 100 answer full-sheet (Form SC982-E) which can be purchased at the Bookstore.

Form 882-E Highlights

This is a half-sheet Scantron form. It is a great way to score tests if you're only interested in the number of questions a student got correct. No reports are generated with this Scantron form. A quick and easy way to get your tests scored.

  • 100 Answers - 50 on the front and 50 on the back
  • No Version Required
  • Quick and easy processing of class tests
  • Instant Results!

Form SC982-E Highlights

The software that runs the Excel reports for this form has a 60 count limit. If your class is larger than 60, scan your tests in batches of 60 or fewer (you can use the same key). If you wish to combine these batches into one report, please work with the person on duty at the Faculty Center.

  • 100 Answers on the front
  • Optional mini blue book on the back
  • Version required ONLY if test has multiple keys
  • Student ID numbers not required, but recommended
  • Instant results! No more waiting.
  • Reports in Excel format.

Report Options - Form SC982-E only

The Class Results Report is a student by line-item report that shows each students response and whether they answered each question:

  • Correctly
  • Incorrectly (and what A,B,C,D,E position they bubbled)
  • Multi-marked items
  • Omitted items
  • Grade
  • Objective Score
  • Raw Score
  • Total % Score
  • Incorrect Score

Sample Class Results Report (PDF)

This report is included with all test scanning, and provides:

  • Basic information about the overall scores,
  • Percent of students who answered a particular question correct
  • Number of student responses in each answer position (a,b,c,d,e),

This report includes a statisitical summary:

  • Total possible points
  • Mean score
  • Median score
  • Standard deviation
  • Number of student tests scanned
  • Highest score achieved
  • Lowest score achieved

Sample Item Analysis Report (PDF)

This report shows grade and score distribution data. The report includes a graph of the percent score versus the frequency.

The graph can be printed along with the report on an 8 ½ x 14 (legal sheet), selected as an individual graph and printed on regular paper, or deleted.

Sample Score Distribution Report (PDF)

Sample Score Distribution Graph (PDF)

This 1-page per student report includes:


To print each student result report; click on drop down box located in cell to left of arrow (see example)

  • statistical summary for the student
    • possible points
    • raw score
    • objective score
    • percent score
    • letter score
  • the student's specific test response statistics:
    • questions answered correctly
    • questions answered incorrectly
    • multi-marked questions
    • omitted questions

Note: To print each student result report; click on drop down box located in cell to left of arrow (see example)

Sample Student Results Report (PDF)