Project Overview

What is the Common Management Systems (CMS) project?

The mission of Common Management Systems (CMS) is to provide efficient, effective and high quality service to the students, faculty and staff of the 23-campus California State University System (CSU) and the Office of the Chancellor.

Utilizing a best practices approach, CMS supports human resources, financials and student services administration functions with a common suite of Oracle Enterprise applications in a shared data center, with a supported data warehouse infrastructure.

For more information including CMS CSU-wide current projects, organizational chart, and glossary of acronyms and terms, please visit theĀ CSYou About CMS page (login required).

What has resulted since the implementation of CMS?

  • Campuses perform administrative functions with a common set of administrative practices.
  • Administrative functions are supported with a common integrated application software.
  • Administrative software is supported in shared service centers.

What software package has been chosen for CMS?

The CSU chose Oracle PeopleSoft ('MySSU') as the administrative software package for the CSU.

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