IT Departments

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Lee Krichmar, Assoc. Vice President of IT/Chief Information Officer


  • Jestina Casas, Administrative Assistant
  • Frances Hamilton, Administrative Operations Analyst

Justin Lipp, Interim Director of Academic Technology

Provides support for teaching and learning technology, including applications, learning management systems, video, accessibility and emerging tools.

AT Staff:

  • Ken Beck, Analyst Programmer

Peter Flores, Deputy CIO

The CMS team supports the Sonoma State University campus with the common Finance, HR and Student (MySSU) Oracle Enterprise Application Systems.

CMS Staff:

  • Josh Anderson, Functional Analyst
  • Koushik Damera, Analyst Programmer
  • Eleanor Henderson, Analyst Programmer
  • Teresa James, Financial Aid Functional Lead
  • Erica Klafter, Admissions, Campus Community and Transfer Credit Functional Lead
  • Amanda McGowan, Student Information Systems Manager and Advising Functional Lead
  • Cindy Miller, Finance Information Systems Manager and Student Financials Lead
  • Joey Montalto, CMS Security
  • Jaime Russell, Manager, Student Information Systems and Student Records Functional Lead
  • Roda Lee Wellman Myers, Analyst Programmer

Geoffrey Cirullo, Director (Interim)

Provides system administration for servers and management of University data and voice networks.

Infrastructure Staff:

  • Mira Aceves, Network Analyst
  • Brian Biggs, Programmer/Analyst
  • Jon Boehlke, Operating System Analyst
  • Alisandra Brewer, Operating System Analyst
  • Eric Eisenhart, Operating System Analyst
  • Rick Garcia, Network Analyst
  • Dustin Mollo, Operating System Analyst
  • Mike Nelson, Operating Systems Analyst
  • Matthew Peterson, Operating System Analyst
  • Lisa Revere, Network Analyst
  • Larry Tenorio, Operating System Analyst
  • Louis Wurz-Wilfong, Operating System Analyst
  • Todd Wright, Telecom Analyst

Barbara Moore, Director 

Web Services Staff:

  • Achilles Poloynis, Web Developer

Provides support campus web editors, websites, accessibility and learning management systems.


Evan Ferguson, Deputy CIO 

Support for use of desktop workstations, Tech classrooms and IT Help Desk.

WSS Staff:

  • Nick Arnold, Information Technology Consultant
  • Ken Baker, Information Technology Consultant
  • Vaughn Bellwood, Information Technology Consultant
  • Jon Byers, Information Technology Consultant
  • Moe Calvez, Information Technology Consultant
  • Paul Cotter, Information Technology Consultant
  • Taryn Cramer, Information Technology Consultant
  • Frank Gravante, Information Technology Consultant
  • Michael Hazen, Information Technology Consultant
  • Scott Lance, Information Technology Consultant
  • Modesto Llanes, Information Technology Consultant
  • Doug Schiller, Help Desk Coordinator
  • Rosie Schramm, Information Technology Consultant