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2016 Form W-2

The State Controller's Office (SCO) is responsible for the mailing of the form W-2 each January. Mailing addresses that were updated prior to December 16, 2016, were used to mail this form. If you have not yet received your W-2, please contact our office for assistance.

W-2s that were mailed to the correct address but were not received can be replaced at no cost to the employee, if requested prior to March 2, 2017. Otherwise, replacements can be requested from the SCO with an $8.50 processing fee.

FAQs for Tax Forms 1095B and 1095C

Upcoming Savings Plus Workshops

We are happy to announce that Victor Tawn, a Specialist with the State of California CalHR Savings Plus 401k/457 program, will host on-site Savings Plus educational workshops to benefit all Sonoma State University employees on the dates listed below. Please pre-register for the upcoming workshops using the URL link. 
Meeting Room: Schulz 1121

  • Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pre-register in advance online at http://SSU.myRetirementAppt.com

CSU TSA 403(b) Program

See plan features for 2017.

CalPERS April Webinar

CalPERS will host the webinar "Power of Attorney" on April 26th at 11:00 a.m. Upon completion of this webinar, employees will learn how to designate a representative and the reasons why a Power of Attorney is beneficial as well as the duties and limitations a representative may have as it relates to your benefits.

CalPERS Board of Administration Member-at-Large Election

Eligible active and retired CalPERS members will have an opportunity this year to elect two representatives for the CalPERS Board of Administration. Please review the Notice of Election for additional information about the election schedule as well as procedures for becoming a candidate.

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